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2000 Series Armless Tarp Systems

The ideal choice for dump trucks and trailers, roll-offs and other open-topped containers. One size fits all and there are no pivot arms or external springs to damage, so installation is fast and easy – less than two hours from start to finish. (This adjustable sizing feature allows dealers to serve more customers with less inventory.)

The 2000X retracts the tarp with a cab-level crank while the 2000SR uses a spring return roller bar to retract the tarp automatically. The 2000SR can be ordered with or without the expandable tarp housing. The telescoping aluminum roller bar means that no assembly is required; simply extend it to the proper width before installing. (Covering length for diminishes to 20 feet with side tarp flaps.) Sealed bearing construction includes a 3/4-inch center support shaft for durable heavy-duty operation. The roller spring is backed by a lifetime warranty, and an external tensioner lets you make adjustments without removing the tarp. Available options are adjustable width steel housing, wind deflectors and a tarp trap hold-down kit. Approximate shipping weight: 37-110 lbs.

When pricing your 2000 Series system, you will need to order your choice of tarp and add that to the price. Choose from heavy-duty mesh, multicolored PVC mesh, 18-oz. vinyl or asphalt lumite. Asphalt lumite is water resistant and not PVC coated, so it’s able to handle much higher heat levels than vinyl. In addition to lumite, other asphalt-friendly selections are also available, including RFL, urethane-coated airbag, 22-oz. vinyl and donoprene.

Key Features
• Short Installation Time - The 2000 Series pull tarps can be installed out of the box in as little as one hour. A short install time allows the operator to get back to work and increases productivity.
• Automatic Tarp Return - The roller bar is spring loaded, keeping constant tension on the tarp and allowing for an easy, smooth roll back to the open position. The spring-loaded roller is backed by a lifetime full warranty.


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