2000 Series SR - with Housing, Complete Roll Tarp System for Dump Trucks

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Product Description

2000 Series SR

(#165/1800047) 2000SR; with housing, spring return roller bar

Armless spring return, semi-automatic system for dump bodies up to 23'.  Includes adjustable width steel housing, adjustable width roller bar, spring tension adjustment device and aluminum pull bar.

  • 2000SR covers bodies up to 26' long (20' w/tarp side flaps)
  • Adjustable “one size fits all” housing and roller bar allows dealers to serve more customers with less inventory! (Adjusts 84" to 96")
  • Lifetime roller spring warranty (2000SR)
  • Install in 1 hour or less!
  • Fully automatic tarp return (2000SR only)
  • As low maintenance as tarpers get!

Hardware Only:

  • Arms:    n/a
  • Drive:    Pull Style
  • Spring:  Tarp Spool 
  • Length:  Up to 23'
  • Tarp:     Not Included