Shipping & Returns Policy

Prices on this contract are based on production at the present cost for supplies, labor and services. Prices on any undelivered portion of this contract are subject to increase to the extent of added cost to DeBrovy's in the event of any increase in cost for supplies, labor, services, or imposition of surtaxes or governmental action or legislation affecting DeBrovy's cost, and deliveries may be modified to the extent necessitated by any such governmental action or legislation. The amount of any such increase as computed by DeBrovy's pursuant to this paragraph shall be binding upon the customer except clerical or mathematical errors.

Prices and Products are added and changed daily.

We ONLY accept Purchase Orders from Government Agencies. All other transactions are by Corporate, Government Impact, Purchasing and Credit Cards. Credit Cards accepted are American Express, Mastercard and Visa.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, terms are net thirty (30) days FOB shipping point, subject to approval by DeBrovy's credit department. Customers without established credit approval from DeBrovy's should remit payment with order, or instruct DeBrovy's to ship COD. A finance charge of 1-1/2% (18% per annum) will be added to all past due invoices.

All Sales are Final. subject to the limited warrantee terms below.

DeBrovy's warrants that goods sold by it shall be free from defects in material and workmanship and will conform to applicable specifications and drawings. DeBrovy's liability, whether based on breach of warranty or contract or negligence in manufacture, shall be limited to replacement or repair (at DeBrovy's election) of the defective or nonconforming goods, or (at DeBrovy's election) refund purchase price thereof. DeBrovy's makes no warranty of merchantability as to goods sold hereunder and designated as seconds or otherwise designated as goods sold which are not of first quality. Where DeBrovy's notifies customer that goods are of foreign origin, DeBrovy's makes no warranty of merchantability as to such goods regardless of the fact that such goods are not designated as seconds.

DeBrovy's shall not be liable for delays in production or delivery due to causes beyond its control, including but not limited to acts of God, acts of buyer, acts of civil or military authorities, priorities, fires, strikes, floods, epidemics, quarantines, war delays in transportation and inability due to causes beyond DeBrovy's control to obtain necessary labor, materials or manufacturing facilities. In no event shall DeBrovy's be liable to the buyer for loss of use or profit or any other collateral, special or consequential damages resulting from delays in production or delivery whether or not due to causes beyond DeBrovy's control.

DeBrovy's will use its best judgment in packaging, packing, shipping and routing unless buyer gives specific instructions with its order. In the event of shortage or damage incurred enroute, buyer must make its complaint to the delivering transportation agency and file a claim against such agency. DeBrovy's responsibility for delivery ends with a signed bill of lading from the carrier. All risk of loss after DeBrovy's delivery to the carrier shall be borne by the buyer. Authorization must be obtained from DeBrovy's prior to return of any goods for repair, replace or credit. All returned shipments authorized by DeBrovy's shall be prepaid by buyer, unless DeBrovy's upon inspection, deems that the goods were defective.

Some Products will ship immediately, while other will be made, from the thousands of products offered. If you see a size of a product we do not have listed, please ask and it can be added.

DeBrovy's is a tarp manufacturer in Louisville KY, manufacturing tarps or tarpaulins from industrial textiles.