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Tarp Systems for Transfer Trailers

We offer 3 models to choose from

The Sidewinder™ has modular and interchangeable components that fit either side of trailer. Your choice of electric or hydraulic – the system is fully automatic, covering and uncovering in under 20 seconds and keeping the operator safely on the ground.

The Sidewinder™ 350’s modular and interchangeable components fit either side of the trailer and do an excellent job of sealing the load. 

The Double-Flip™ opens and closes in under 10 seconds! It's simple to operate, easy to maintain and extremely affordable. Designed to cover open-top transfer trailers up to 102 inches wide and 53 inches long.

The 4500 Series HD features a patented dual-pivot motor mount and custom motor shroud, a protective boot on its flexible elbow, a new control box with fully sealed switches and a patented SMARTwire™ sealed harness.

If you’re in the business of transporting light yet bulky materials like wood chips and trash, you’ll find a PBR the perfect tarping system. It allows you to heap your loads above the bows and still keep your tarp tight.