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SWAT Automatic Tarping System for Roll-Off Trucks

The SWAT Automatic Tarping System:

A premium solution for Roll-Off Trucks

Tarp System for roll-off containers for 12'- 22' (10 to 40 cubic yards).

 The SWAT Automatic Tarp System, designed with the end user in mind, improves upon existing Automatic Tarping Systems for roll-off trucks. We've taken the technology and components and built a better Tarp System for Roll-Off Containers, engineered for the highest quality, keeping you up and running, all at a competitive price.

SWAT Automatic Tarping System Benefits:

  • Fully adjustable for all 15 to 40 cubic-yard containers.
  • Precision-cut pivot gears and rack to eliminate slippage, increase longevity, and decrease cost.
  • Hard pipe cylinders with nitride-coated rams to reduce hose damage.
  • The flanged gear pin design ensures pins stay in place.
  • Extreme-duty tarp roller with three mounting options and extended-life bearings.
  • A wider tower mounting plate fits most roll-off container hoist configurations for faster installation.
  • Powder-coated for a premium finish and protection.
  • Low-profile arms help avoid damage from wide containers and compactors.

SWAT Automatic Tarping System  Features:

  • Mighty Mesh tarp, the strongest tarp material available, for maximum durability.
  • Standard tarp spline makes tarp replacement a quick, easy, one-man job.
  • SWAT replacement parts are also compatible with Pioneer Rack and Pinion systems.
  • 3/16" A500B steel arms, gussets, and brackets for industry-leading strength.
  • Quick-release tarp tube and standard tarp spline for easy, one-person tarp replacement.
  • A sturdy crate with a waterproof cover protects the SWAT system during transport.

SWAT Automatic Tarping System  Warranty:

The SWAT system comes with a comprehensive warranty against defects in material and workmanship. The SWAT Owner's Manual provides details.