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Sattler Elements®

Sattler embodies the spirit of the landscape, the ambience of impressions, lifestyle and architecture and, together with the best loved colours of each area, this spirit finds its own place in Sattler fabrics.  These synergies are the source of our wide variety of patterns.

Dr. Leonhard Oberascher (colour and design psychologist) has worked out this concept in cooperation with Sattler.

• Light, climate, landscape and culture, mold man and society

In the course of history man has adopted his way of life and his architecture to the respective climatic and scenic conditions of his living space. Out of it a dazzling array of regional features and cultures have blossomed.

• region-specific worlds of colours / cultures of colours

The choice of colours for buildings has long been restricted by the local availability of building materials. Beyond that, the very same colours may have different effects, depending on the region. For example, in the south a deep shade of blue shines much more vigorously than in the north of Europe. Due to the greater angle of the sun’s rays in northern regions, the sunlight contains a smaller share of blue colour. Besides these natural conditions, we are influenced by cultural factors such as religion, politics, economy, technology and traditionalism vs. modernism.

• The new Sattler collection

Nowadays we still can find a great many different worlds of colours in different regions - in spite of an increasing globalization process. When creating the brand-new Sattler collection for 2008 we considered both, current trends and also assigned the patterns to respective regions. To illustrate our work, we have picked the characteristic dominant colours out of each regional world of colours and reunified them to a region-specific, exquisitely colourful moment of harmony.

Dr. L. Oberascher