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Long Arm Series, Heavy Duty Trailer Systems

The Long Arm’s modular tarp housing is available in 96-inch and 102-inch models. Those designated “GL” have a heavy-duty ground-level manual crank. The rest are powered by the 900W 12V Durabuilt™ motor, backed by a three-year full replacement warranty, and include a rotary switch kit and contact plate. The easy-to-install Long Arm™ systems feature heavy-duty “unbreakable” arms and springs. All Long Arm™ models have 22-coil spring assemblies while the Long Arm 41™ has 14 coils.

Quality engineered components include high-gloss extruded aluminum pivot arms, pivot rests, a universal pivot casting, extruded aluminum tarp roller bar and die-cast 90° elbows. Approximate shipping weight: 250 lbs.

When pricing your Long Arm™ system, you will need to order your choice of tarp and add that to the price. Choose from heavy-duty mesh, multicolored PVC mesh, 18-oz. vinyl or asphalt lumite. Asphalt lumite is water resistant and not PVC coated, so it’s able to handle much higher heat levels than vinyl. In addition to lumite, other asphalt-friendly selections are also available, including RFL, urethane-coated airbag, 22-oz. vinyl and donoprene. More tarp options can be selected, such as non-standard colors, side flaps, reinforced pockets or hems, webbing, boxed corners, stenciling, grommets and D-rings. 

Key Features

• Rugged and Durable - The Long Arm features unbreakable extruded aluminum arms and underbody springs.
• Durabuilt™ Motor - The Durabuilt™ motor is a direct-drive motor that comes standard with a chrome cover and a 3-year full replacement warranty.
• HD Pivot Arm Rest - Heavy-duty pivot arm rests are a standard feature for the Long Arm flip tarp. The arm rest creates a steadier arm while in the locked position and helps keep the arm from bouncing during transportation.