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100% SOLUTION DYED ACRYLIC 100% Solution Dyed Acrylic Awning or Marine Fabric. Mold, mildew and stain resistant. With this exterior grade canvas, the color stays brilliant and is prone to fading. 30 contemporary and traditional marine colors available.

MF-6101/60 Blue, MF-6103/60 Red, MF-6104/60 Natural, MF-6105/60 Forest Tweed, MF-6106/60 Red Tweed, MF-6107/60 Black Tweed, MF-6108/60 Black, MF-6117/60 Blue Tweed, MF-6120/60 Beige Marine MF-6126/60 Navy Blue, MF-6128/60 Toast, MF-6130/60 Gray, MF-6131/60 Burgundy, MF-6133/60 Linen, MF-6137/60 Forest Green, MF-6143/60 Teal, MF-6144/60 Charcoal, MF-6146/60 Captain Navy MF-6152/60 Blatic Blue, MF-6153/60 Baltic Tweed, MF-6155/60 Mineral, MF-6157/60 Yellow, MF-6168/60 Ocean Blue, MF-6169/60 Marine Blue, MF-6170/60 Dove, MF-6173/60 Linen Tweed

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