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Hyman DeBrovy & Sons was founded in 1885, by Hyman DeBrovy.  Hyman DeBrovy born, 1856 in Poland, died in 1932 and his wife Melvina Blausbaum born in 1866, died in 1962 had 12 children, Theodore 1888- 1977 (married Leona F. Leight 1894-1994), Julius 1889-1968, Simon S. 1893-1974 (married Rena Rosenbloom 1906-1985), Gustave 1897-1979, Annette 1897-2000 (married Shelly Isaacs), Solomon Henry 1898-1992 (married Lillian Goldberg 1907-1988), Frieda 1889-1980, Leah 1905-1995 (Hymson), Mina 1909-1999 (married Benjamin Koby 1907-1976), Yetta 1913-2005 (married Barney Abroms 1911-1967), 6 boys and 6 girls. At the age of 29 Hyman started this business. At one time four of the boy's, Gustave, Julius, Simon (Sam) and Solomon (Sol) worked at 326-328 East Market Street in Louisville Kentucky. Sol, was the last surviving boy in December 1992.  The company was first Incorporated April 11, 1930 by Solomon H. Debrovy.  After being in the first location, 326-328 East Market for 78 years, in 1962 the company moved to 415 East Market and remained there 42 years untill 2004.

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