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Donovan Tarps for Dump Trucks and Trailers

Donovan Dump Trailer Covers & Tarps

Standard Tarp Features

Our selection of Donovan dump trailer covers and tarps features:

  • Double Folded Hem
  • Grommets Every 4'
  • 6" pocket
  • Spline Sewn into Front Hem
  • 2" Webbing Sewn over Side Hems - Standard on All Mesh Tarps

NOTE: Additional fabrics available: Mighty Mesh® (strongest mesh on the market), Gator Mesh (trampoline fabric), 70% knitted mesh and HD knitted polyester. Call for pricing.

NOTE: All part-numbered items listed show the Donovan-branded number first, followed by the seven-digit Shur-Co® number. We recommend transitioning to following the Shur-Co® P/Ns as all numbers will eventually be switched to that formula.


Estimated Tarp Length

Inside Box Length _____

+ Rise of Cab Shield _____

+ Length of Cab Shield _____

+ 2' of Tarp Length _____

= Estimated Tarp Length _____

For more information about our Donovan dump trailer covers and tarps, call us at 1-800-718-2777 or find a Service Center near you.