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Side Kits for Flatbed Trailers

Aero® Side Kits
We made the first and we still make the best!
Aero® invented Side Kits for flatbed trailers. They’re the strongest, lightest Side Kit you can buy, with every component engineered especially for the job it’s intended to do. If you have a load to haul, Aero has a Side Kit to keep the weather out and your load safe.

Tarp Stays: Catches tarp when loading; tarp available with grommets or webbing and d-rings.

AeroLiteTM Panels
AeroLiteTM fiberglass panels are field tough; lightweight fluted plastic panel surrounded with a rigid aluminum frame. Most popular option due to the combination of strength and light-weight. No painting required.

Tuf-Kit Panels
Attractive, low-maintenance Tuf-Kit fiberglass reinforced plywood panels (available with fiberglass on one or both sides). Industry’s strongest panel—ideal for rugged applications. No painting required. Aluminum C-channel protects bottom edge.

Junior Stake
Save valuable weight with the junior stake. This popular stake with triangular profile and welded shoe was introduced more than 30 years ago.

Senior Stake
For the optimal balance of weight and strength, the senior stake’s flared-triangular design is great for all applications (pictured with optional aluminum collar).

Square Stake
The square stake provides maximum stake pocket wear surface.

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