Rack 'N Pinion Strong Arm??? Trailer - up to 32' Containers - RP4500SATR

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Product Description

Rack ‘n Pinion STRONG ARM™ systems utilize rack and pinion technology for controlled
side arm movement. A hydraulic cylinder moves a rack gear forward and backwards. The rack gear is
mated with a pinion gear attached to the base of the pivot arms. This arrangement creates a
mechanical advantage which provides continuous control over speed and precise synchronization of
the pivot arms as they cover and uncover the container.

?? For trailers and containers in lengths up to 32’

?? Patented Rack ‘n Pinion pivot assembly for consistently precise tarp movement
?? Adjustable gantry moves vertically from 60” to 96”

?? Roller mounted on gantry, reducing stress on framework
?? Spring loaded roller assembly
?? Fixed length unbreakable pivot arms

?? 9’ x 35’ Heavy Duty mesh tarp reinforced at front and rear with urethane coated nylon for wear resistance
?? Patent #: 5,829,818 & 4,874,196

Applications: Cable hoist roll-off trailers
Container style/size:  Up to 32 foot containers 
Standard tarp:  Heavy duty mesh