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Truck Tarp System - Pioneer Rack 'n Pinion®

The top haulers trust the Pioneer Rack ’n Pinion® truck tarp system, the preferred choice in the waste industry. Known for it's reliability, the Pioneer Rack ’n Pinion® has delivered over a decade of unmatched performance under the most demanding conditions.  That is why the nation's leading haulers rely on Pioneer for their fleets.

Truck Tarp System Warranty*

We are so confident in the Pioneer Rack ’n Pinion® truck tarp system that we support it with an industry-leading 5-year warranty*, which surpasses the offerings of other imitation systems. 

Imitation might be considered flattery, but don't compromise your fleet's uptime with subpar knock-off truck tarp systems that lack a proven performance record. Opt for the original Pioneer Rack ’n Pinion® tarping system for consistent, worry-free performance year after year. 

Three Truck Tarp System Models:

rp4500sar.jpg     rp4500sarg.jpg     rp4500satr.jpg

Truck Tarp System Features

  • Pivot Design: The Rack ’n Pinion® features a pivot design that ensures consistently precise tarp movement and uses tough, hydraulically powered steel arms, making it ideal for demanding waste hauling jobs.
  • Mounting Arm Channels: These reinforce the flex area to prevent cracking, enhancing durability. 
  • Rock Gear Weldment: This eliminates the need for a rack gear cylinder strap and reduces maintenance. It includes a 3/8" self-lubricating polymer bearing designed to last the life of the arm and is easily replaceable if needed.
  • Double-Wall Tombstone Pivot Point: The mounting hole is 1/2" thick to keep tarp arms securely on the rear of the container, minimizing bouncing and potential damage. 
  • Arms Construction: Made from a 3'16 A500B steel with a 1/4" extended, reinforced "C" channel. Telescoping arms have a 36" stroke and nitrated rod cylinders to reduce corrosion.
  • Offset Stabilizer Bar: Reduces roller damage and includes a redesigned stabilizer bar reinforced mounting bracket and enhanced tarp anchor tube retention system to withstand constant abuse and prevent failures or breakage. 
  • Spring-Loaded Everlast Roller Assembly: Features an increased inside diameter of the roller shaft bushing for easier preloading and reduces maintenance by preventing the tarp from seizing. 
  • Tarp Anchor Tube Cap: This enhances safety by preventing the tarp anchor tube from pulling out of the roll rest. 
  • Professional Threading: The durable, professionally threaded bolt simplifies tarp attachment.
  • Hydraulic Hoses: They easily snap into the slotted, pivoting hose holder for quick replacement and are secured further with nylon zip ties.
  • External Cylinder Mounting: This allows for maximum accessibility and easier maintenance. 
  • Upper Extension Arm: Facilitates easier preloading of the spring roller and minimizes potential seizing of the tarp roller shaft in the arm bushing. 
  • Hydraulic Flow Divider Valve: Compatible with all the host systems, featuring a standard aluminum body rated at 3,800 psi and supports flows up to 50 gpm with complete relief valve protection. 
  • Standard Gantry: Includes light mounting brackets and a tube for running electrical wiring for the lights. 
  • Optional Trash Brush: Closes the gap between the stabilizer bar and tarp roller to prevent debris escape.