DBR Roll-Off Waste Tarp Systems

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Product Description

DBR - Donovan Belt & Ratchet


• Front-and-Rear Flap Are Integrated Into the Tarp
• HD 2” Straps and Ratchets
• Bows Can Be Removed For Loading
• Operate From the Ground
• Prevents Rain and Snow From Getting Inside the Container
• Gator Mesh or PVC Coated Mesh (Boxes and Trailers Only)
• 18-Oz. Vinyl Material (Roll-Off Containers Only)
• Meets All EPA Regulations for Storm Water Exposure on Roll-Off Containers

DBR’s for roll-off containers are a side roll tarp system for containers 12' thru 26' long x 96'' wide. That will include most of your 20, 30, or 40 yard containers. Tarps can be made of top quality 18oz vinyl, Gator mesh, or PVC coated mesh.

Standard Color: Black.  Call for price, and Add 15% for colors other than Black.


EASY INSTALL Can be installed in less than 4 hours
OPERATE MANUALLY FROM THE GROUND Much safer option with employees not hand throwing tarps or crawling on the container
MEETS EPA GUIDELINES Protects company from EPA penalties on storm water exposure
SECURES THE CONTAINER Protection for unwanted dumping, snow, or water getting into container
EASY TO REPAIR Easy to patch a hole in tarp or replace a part if it is damaged
LOWER COST Hard covers are often twice the cost and more labor to install
2'' HD STRAPS & RATCHET Increased durability and longevity of the system
REMOVABLE BOWS Bows slide easily in and out of bow pockets to help prevent damage to the bow during loading of container

Premium Belt ‘n Ratchet roll tarps help you keep dumpsters free of unauthorized garbage. The tarp stays with the container, on or off the truck, so it can’t be lost or left behind, and it rolls open or closed quickly and easily.

*Available colors: red, black, royal blue, marine blue, white, yellow, green, orange, grape, maroon, tan, brown or gray.  

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