7000 Series GL, Complete Roll Tarp System for Dump Trucks

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Product Description

7000 Series GL

This all-purpose system covers dump bodies up to 20 feet long. Available in ground level crank model or with electric direct drive motor.

Product: 7000 Series Model(s): (#35) 7000ELD; automatic electric direct drive (#1294) 7000GL; manual ground-level crank

Heavy duty, all-purpose front to rear pivot arm tarp systems Use: Dump bodies up to 20' long Options: Electric direct drive motor with solenoid QuickSwitch (Best in Industry) Widest variety of mesh, water-resistant and waterproof tarps Tarp side flaps Highlights:

  • 3-yr full replacement warranty on direct drive motor!
  • Covers up to 20'
  • 1-1/2" square tube “easy off” pivot arms
  • Bent pivot arm extensions avoid loader damage
  • Heavy duty 1/2" chrome-silicone torsion springs
  • Wind deflector included
  • Chain guard included (ground level version only)
  • Pivot arm rests included