Packer Panels | Compactor Diapers

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Packer Panels | Compactor Diapers

These tarps are designed to fit the back of trash compactor boxes. Sizes 5' x 7', and 6' x 8'.  We offer two sizes to keep it simple, one multi-color mesh and one solid black. 

DeBrovys uses a heavier mesh than the Industry standard of 11x11 weave 800-1000 denier yarns.  DeBrovys uses  14x14 weave all 1000 denier yarns.  So what is the difference, the heavier the yarn, the larger the number. (ie. 800 vs 1000 denier)  In simple terms, denier is a unit of measurement that expresses fiber thickness of individual threads or filaments in fabric or textiles.  The 14x14 denotes how many strands there are in a square inch. (i.e.. 14 strands in the warp direction and 14 strands in the fill direction)  The reason for the multi-color strands, they come from the left over outdoor furniture market. 

The solid Packer Panel is made from 18 oz. Vinyl Coated Polyester (VCP).  This cover is 100% waterproof.  The 18 oz. Vinyl Coated Polyester is the industry standard in commercial/ truck tarp industry.

DeBrovys uses brass spur grommets, which are the heaviest and has the most teeth in grommets made.  Each hem is tripled rolled to 1-1/2" thickness.  These panels do not have webbing sewn in the hem.