Hand Tarps, Sod Tarps, Tree Tarps - Throw Tarps (no pockets)

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Hand Tarps, Sod Tarps, Tree Tarps (no pockets) - Throw Tarps

We offer three types of material, Black 70% Polypropylene Knitted Mesh, 14 x 14 weave Multi-Color Mesh, and 18 oz. Vinyl Coated Vinyl (100% waterproof).  These tarps are all hemmed and grommeted.  The multi-color mesh tarps are reinforced (sewn in the hems) with #6000 2" automotive grade seat belt webbing, not the 500 lb. 2" webbing on our competitors' tarps.

Common Uses: The Waste Industry, Nursery Industry, Roll-Off Box Containers, Waste or Trash Tarps, Sod Tarps and Tree Tarps, to name a few.

A Black Mesh Tarp is shown in the picture above.