Auto-Tarps for roll-off trucks - Mega Mesh™

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Auto-Tarps for roll-off trucks - Mega Mesh™

 What Makes Mega Mesh™ Special? 

It is specially designed to work in the roughest of environments. 

20x20 all 1000 denier threads per inch construction.  Best truck tarp material on the market.  Mega Mesh material is specifically for us by an American Manufacturer.   We designed this material to be used on Roll-off trucks and it has become our bestselling dump truck material also.  It has the perfect combination of yarn strength and air flow to work in the toughest of applications. 

25-4396 - Pioneer Style, 9'8" x 28' w/ 12" self-retracting flaps & shock cord, Mega Mesh™
25-4465 - Universal, 8' x 28' Mega Mesh™ w/ seatbelt webbing
25-MEG828 - 8' x 28' f/s roll-off tarp - no folded hem w/ seatbelt webbing, Mega Mesh™
25-4399 - O'Brian Style, 9'6" x 28' w/ 11" flaps & tapered ends, Mega Mesh™
25-1905 - Pioneer Style, 9'6" x 28' w/ 9" flaps & tapered ends, Mega Mesh™ 

Seatbelt Webbing - We sew Automotive Quality Seatbelt webbing with a strength of 6000 lbs. down the sides of all our tarps to reinforce our tarps and pockets.  Our competitors use mostly 500 lb. webbing that is 2" wide but is mainly for looks.  We are happy to compare our American made products with our competitors tarps any day?