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Aluminum Bulk-Head LSR

  • Bolt down design, no welding required for installation.
  • Rounded corners for improved tarp life.
  • 96" and 102" wide with 10" or 22" drop back, four models.
  • All aluminum construction, light weight with high strength.
  • Stocked in most Merritt warehous locations.
  • Many standard options are available.
  • Slots for Side Kit standard.
  • 22" Drop back models have bow racks standard.
  • Full Three Door enclosure available.


Order 840

Outside or Inside Mount- 3 Door Enclosure

Order #840
96" Wide
Weight 93

Order #940
102 " Wide
Weight 98

Order 850

Tarp Bow Rack

Order #850
Weight 6

Order 810

Dyna-Light Bulkhead 10” Drop Back

Order #810
Weight 26,360

Order 910

Dyna-Light Bulkhead 22” Drop Back

Order #910
Weight 28,191


 10inchbulkhead.jpg          22inchbulkhead.jpg          merritt-2012-literature-page-13-image-0005.jpg           

Each model LSR has been designed and tested in conjunction with Merritt Mounting Instructions. Each model LSR has been tested to resist a maximum uniformly distributed static load as stated above.

Each model LSR offers limited resistance against impact. Merritt Equipment Co. makes no representations, implied or otherwise, except for the uniformly distributed static load resistance test as stated above. Any load or force in excess of the uniformly distributed static load resistance test may result in failure of this product which can result in serious injury or death.

Merritt Dyna-Light Bulk-Head LSR's are not to be used in conjunction with log trailers or pole trailers. copy-of-merritt-2012-literature-page-05-image-0005.jpg