Roofers Tear-Off Tarps

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Product Description

Roofers Tear-Off Tarps

Manufactured from 40 ounces per square yard vinyl coated polyester

  • Tensile Strength (WxF) 1,100 lbs x 880 lbs/ 2 inch
  • Puncture Resistance 176 lbs (screwdriver method)
  • Puncture Resistance 990 lbs (ball method)

Criss-cross pattern sewing (for sizes under 10' x 10') & 2" wide cargo webbing

  • Break Strength: 1     2,000 lbs
  • Safe Work Load     4,000 lbs

3" diameter x 3/8" stock steel O-Rings on all webbed ends
3,000 lb capacity: Straight pull method

All sewing sewed with 207 polyesters, ultraviolet resistant thread with cargo restraint compliant stitch patterns

Note: For sizes over 10' x 10', a "Plus" web configuration is sewn adjacent to the crisscross pattern

Disclaimer: Due to normal wear and material degradation, never use this product above personnel or equipment.