Hand Tarps | Throw Tarps for Roll-off Containers

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Product Description

Hand Tarps | Throw Tarps, for the Solid Waste Industry

Theses Hand Tarps | Throw Tarps, are tarps that are used in the waste collection industry and mainly used on roll-off boxes and are hand deployed. We offer two simple fabrics from multi-color (Mesh) to 18 oz. Vinyl Coated Polyester (Solid). Our goal is to keep it simple and offer what the Industry asks for, cheap and durable.  These tarps have triple rolled hems 1-1/2", spur (the most teeth for any grommet) grommets spaced approximately 24" apart in all hems.

• Multi-Color PVC Mesh - Industry standard is 11x11 w/800-1000 denier yarn - DeBrovys uses 14x14 weave all 1000 denier (yarn thickness) yarn.  The 14x14 weave means there are 14 yarns in the warp direction and 14 strands in the fill direction (14 vertical and 14 horizontal).

• 18 oz. Black Vinyl Tarps - This is the Solid (waterproof) tarp option, if it needs to be kept dry. The vinyl coated polyester means both side are coated in vinyl and the center is Polyester ir another name for the center is called scrim.