The Ox™, Roll-Off Truck Tarp Systems

The Strongest Tarp System Available On The Market!

Reliable and operator-friendly, The Ox™ is designed for fast, easy tarping of 15- to 40-cubic foot containers, with an EZ slider that gives the operator total pivot point control for precision coverage. There are no upper arm cylinders to damage, and our Safe-Tension™ tarp roller ratchet provides smooth roller-spring tensioning.

While other brands claim to have strong arms, not one of them is Ox Strong™!The Ox™ is solidly built – as tough as tarpers get – with 2- x 4- x 3/16” upper arms and double tube weldment for 3- x 3- x 3/16-inch gusseted lower arms. It’s also reliable and operator-friendly; you can replace a tarp in five minutes or so, thanks to the quick-change spline groove securement.

The Ox™ comes pre-assembled for easy installation, with pre-fabricated front and rear brackets and everything you need in valves, fittings and hoses included. Approximate shipping weight: 1,800 lbs. Kits contain hardware only. The Mighty Mesh® tarps, with or without flaps, will fit either model. Mighty Mesh® outlasts standard PVC mesh three to one, withstanding heavy usage and the most abrasive loads.

Key Features
• Safe-Tension Design - 
• Quick-Change Tarp Spline Groove - 
• Fixed or Telescoping Gantry


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