Introduction to Welding Blankets and Curtains

Introduction to Welding Blankets and Curtains

Posted by Bruce Fetter on Jan 26th 2023

Welding is a necessary and vital process in many industrial and construction settings, however, it also poses significant safety hazards to those who perform the work and those who are nearby. One of the most effective ways to mitigate these risks is through the use of welding blankets and curtains.

Welding blankets and curtains are made from specialized materials that are designed to withstand the high temperatures and sparks produced during welding. These materials include fiberglass, Kevlar, and aluminized fiberglass. They come in various sizes and shapes to suit different welding applications and work environments.

Welding blankets are typically used to cover large areas and protect equipment and structures from sparks and heat. They can be hung or draped over machinery, walls, and other surfaces to provide a barrier between the welding work and the surrounding area. They can also be used to create a designated welding area, keeping sparks and heat contained and away from other workers and equipment.

Welding curtains, on the other hand, are typically used to create a barrier between the welding area and other workers or high traffic areas. They can be hung from a ceiling or mounted on a stand to create a physical barrier that separates the welding work from the rest of the work area. They also come in various sizes and shapes, and can be customized to fit specific needs.

In summary, welding blankets and curtains are an essential part of welding safety, and are used to protect workers, equipment, and structures from the hazards associated with welding. They can be used in various ways, depending on the specific application and work environment, and come in different materials, sizes, and shapes. They are essential for maintaining a safe and productive work environment.